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From Our Bakery to Your Shelves:

Maggie’s Custom Sweet Treats
Goes to Market!

Hi there sweetaholic!

It’s Rebekah, your chief Bakeologist here.

We are super excited to share with you our crowdfunding campaign for Maggie’s Custom Sweet Treats™.


We need your help to reach our biggest financial goal to date of $20,000.

Maggie‘s was founded in 2020 when I retired from teaching after 22 years. I decided to name the bakery in the memory of my dear friend, Maggie Maynard, who had died of breast cancer in 2012. She was like a second mother to me having known her since I was 17 years old, and she was also one of my BIGGEST supporters. She always encouraged and supported me in whatever I was doing (like joining the military my junior year in college ) along with my mother, sister, and so many others. I wanted to honor that unconditional love by continuing the tradition of so many women around the world of offering “sweet” love on a plate.

Thus, it became our mission to create new memories and to affirm old memories of family time in the kitchen, baking and cooking with our grandmas, nanas, mothers, aunties, dads, and uncles through our custom “homemade” sweet treats. And sharing our bakery mixes allows us to do just that. The vision for Maggie’s Custom Sweet Treats is to provide homemade dessert mixes to homes through direct delivery online sales and by way of grocery stores and military commissaries.

The funds we receive from your generosity and support will go to procuring manufacturing production costs and to create eco-friendly packaging for our 3 signature baking mixes: chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, and Red Velvet cupcakes. we need your help to bring these bakery mixes to sweetaholics around the world.

My team and I thank you so much for your support and we welcome you to our family of sweetaholics! 

See you on the flipside,

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