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wholesale cake mix

From Baker to Grocer

Bring the Joy and Aroma of Maggie's Bakery to your Clients.

It's Nostalgia in a Mix, from our Heart to Yours.

Custom  sweets

Custom Made-to-Order Sweets

Transport Yourself Back In Time to Blissful Memories with A Selection of Delectable Desserts Delivered to Your Door.

custom sweets

Treats... Just 'Cause

From Ooey Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies to Wild Raspberry Buckle Cake, Bring Joy to Their Faces with my Sweet Treat Kits.

maggie's custom sweet treats
custom desserts

Savour the Love and Joy of Family

Discover 8 Irresistible Dessert Recipes Inspired by Grandma's Kitchen in Sweet Cakes & Bakes Cookbook, A Collection of Treasured Recipes from Maggie's Cupcake Café, as Featured on Rushion McDonald's "Rushion Baker's Spotlight"!

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